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Samurai’s Duel: Dragon Harmony Sakura Board

Embark on a journey of elegance and strength with our 'Samurai's Duel' Dragon Harmony Sakura Board. This stunning design captures the essence of a full-height samurai engaging in a timeless duel with a dragon, set within a circle adorned with delicate sakura flowers. Elevate your space with this martial arts-inspired art, featuring a customizable wood board that adds a touch of dynamic beauty to your decor

Design for CNC
Samurai’s Duel: Dragon Harmony Sakura Board

The original coin from which the design was based

Step into a world of honor and artistry with ‘Samurai’s Duel,’ where a full-height samurai engages in a captivating duel with a dragon.

Element of ready cutting board

This martial arts-inspired design, meticulously crafted, is encased within a circle embellished with the timeless beauty of sakura flowers. The customizable wood board ensures a seamless infusion of strength and elegance into your decor.

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