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Mazur Honey

Indulge in the distinct flavor of Mazur Honey - the essence of Ukraine's finest. Carefully crafted by our beekeepers in our beehives, our honey is more than just a product; it's a reminiscence of nature's finest moments.

Mazur Honey
Variation of emblems and labels

Set of labels. There are transparente and non transparente labels

Designing the label for Mazur Honey was an engaging and fascinating process, given that the client hails from Ukraine, a theme that resonates closely with me. The client, who crafts Ukrainian artisanal honey, sought to emphasize this on their label, hinting at the nationality and country of origin. After a brief discussion, I embarked on the journey. Initially, our focus was on creating an emblem, and I opted to accentuate a traditional-style dwelling and vintage beehives in an engraved style. The client supported my concept, and we were both pleased with the outcome. Subsequently, I delved into crafting the label. I envisioned something light and perhaps whimsical. At first, I contemplated a design in the same engraved style, and although it looked stunning, the client preferred something more vibrant. Thus, we created a colorful label for the honey, which turned out exceptionally well.

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