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Magic Wine: Enchanting Fruit Varieties

Explore the enchanting world of Magic Wine with our cherry, limoncello, quince, and grape varieties. Our bewitching labels feature a mystical witch riding her broomstick under the full moon, creating an ambiance of magic and mystery.

Magic Wine: Enchanting Fruit Varieties

First steps of creating sketches from main inspiration photo

The “Magic Wine” project was truly enchanting in every aspect. My journey designing labels for this fruit wine began with a friend of mine who decided to venture into producing grape wine. He was in search of something mysterious and captivating and, for inspiration, sent me a photograph of his wife, which became the foundation of our design.

He envisioned a mystical image of a witch on a broomstick in an engraving style, and I developed several sketches before we settled on the right direction. Once the label was ready, everyone was impressed with the result. The process of bottling and releasing the wine to the market began.

Set of fruits for variations of labels

Lemon cherry and quince there are three types of new fruits wine

After some time, my friend informed me that he planned to expand the range and introduce three new types of fruit infusions: cherry, lemoncello, and quince. We decided that the new labels should harmonize with the original, so I used Scratchboard technique to illustrate the fruits, adding a variety of colors. The outcome surpassed all expectations, leaving everyone delighted with this magical collection.

Ready product before salling. It is first grape wine
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